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"The next deportation, of seven thousand Jews, from Kraków to Belzec took place in October 1942, and during that action six hundred Kraków Jews were murdered. The bloody liquidation of the Kraków ghetto took place on March 13 and 14, 1943.

In those two days about two thousand people - the sick, the old, and the children - were slaughtered. About two thousand were transported to Birkenau, where 1,500 went immediately to gas chambers and 510 to the labour camp. About one thousand were force-marched to the camp in Plaszów. Tadeusz Pankiewicz, a Polish, non-Jewish pharmacist who ran Apteka Pod Orlem, the only pharmacy in the ghetto, left a dramatic description of what happened during the two days. He describes a heartbreaking scene when desperate mothers beg him for sleeping medication so that they can give it to their children and smuggle them asleep to the Plaszów camp in suitcases."
Witness - The Making of Schindler's List by Franciszek Palowski