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Izaak Jakubowicz Synagogue
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Right: the actors pictured with Leopold Page (Poldek Pfefferberg) who brought about the book Schindler's Ark.

"Much of the fiming took place in Szeroka Street in the heart of Kazimierz. Szeroka Street substitutes for Plac Zgody (Zgoda Square) in the original Kraków ghetto, liquidated 60 years ago. In March 1941, when all remaining Kraków Jews were ordered to move to the ghetto for 'their safety', only twelve thousand of the original sixty-eight thousand there were left.

By Autumn the number grew to seventeen thousand because some were brought from villages around Kraków, but on June 3, 1942, many thousands of Jews were deported from the ghetto to the death camp in Belzec. Many hundreds were executed even before they were loaded on the trains."
Witness - The Making of Schindler's List by Franciszek Palowski