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The women's camp at Birkenau
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B1A, the women's camp.

"Basically, somewhere in this world, there's a place with lots of barracks, where they hold us. That contain the Jewish people. And whether the weather is dry or wet we are forced to stand for hours, in Zaehlappell, meaning "head count." We work long hours and our duties are heavy. But work we must. And the song gives us hope that, we will be strong and live up to do our best to overcome this, so that the time will come when we will return into the homes of our loved ones. Into our homes and into the arms of our loved ones. This is our song and it will be until we die. And we will never forget that we are Jews. What I love about it is that it shows that we have no idea that we were in a death camp. We thought that there would be a time, if we would just keep up with our strength, when we will return into our homes, where we came from and that our loved ones would be waiting for us there. We will return into their arms. Little did we know it would take another a few days before we learned that most of them are no longer alive.That they had been gassed and cremated in Auschwitz- Birkenau."
The testimony of Gloria Hollander Lyon - Czechoslovakian survivor of 7 camps including Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, Beendorf and Ravensbrück. Used with kind permission of The Oral History Archives Project